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BIGBANG - BTS of ‘Tower Of Saviors’ Photoshoot & Filming (Part 1/2) [ENG SUBBED]!

PART 2 » https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SqADHmQbbAg

[NEWS] BIGBANG’s Lies is named “Favorite Song in the Past 10 years” at the M Countdown 10th Anniversary Special!

Anonymous: jiyong is so perfect. i hate him.


literal same

"I love all 5 of them equally!"

— everyone being a fucking liar in 2011 (via niallslaugh)
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leeseungriah: you can vote 50 times and they'll tell you to stop. and then like an hour later you can vote again

wow I voted 50 times? i didn’t know that xD Ok thanks for Info bby

what ‘turn up’ means according to kim taehyung.

Anonymous: And you are saying you are not beautiful. Shut the fuck up please

omg *blushs*

1/∞ raps Esma likes

this sucks, i need both of my wives to get along

nadia it’s so cheey. Stop with that shit, but i love you too

JB ❤

Do not even joke about smth like that 

U ugly

i know you love me and i know you care

leeseungriah: i'll marry both of you

Esma still would kill me. And I don’t like to share my hubby with another bish. But will could be a couple in your dreams. How does that sound?